We have extensive and in-depth expertise in recovering profits for our clients. Our main focus and objective is to discover and recover lost profits for our clients. All work is done on a contingency basis and our clients are therefore exempt from any risk. Fees are agreed upfront and are only due and payable when profits recovered are banked. To date we have recovered in excess of R600million for our diverse customer base.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have never worked with a client without adding value to the bottom line.


Review of Accounts Payable in order to
identify and recover duplicate payments
Custom Duty Reviews
Review of VAT returns and recovery
of claims
Overseas VAT Reclaims


Our services are conducted with utmost confidentiality and an experienced and competent Chartered Accountant is involved at every stage of the review. All EMS Staff members as well as their strategic partners have considerable practical and relevant experience emanating from their extensive employment in the private sector or / and with the SARS/HMRC.

In addition, we work very closely with a leading South African legal firm to ensure that all technical aspects are dealt with in the most beneficial manner for our clients.


Our machine learning software automates decisions in a continuous improvement cycle with machine automated actions. This combination greatly reduces the need for human intervention for the process to be completed. When the reliance on human intervention is removed, we tend to achieve faster response times, a reduction in cost and a reduction in human error or bias.

AXEL can classify financial transactions into categories (e.g. high risk or low risk of error), score them on a risk metric (a confidence prediction ranging from 0% to 99% confidence of accuracy) or flag transactions for human review that can be extremely useful in improving the accuracy and efficiency of VAT reviews.


Potential recovery of cash improves cash
flow and bottom line
Enhanced Accounting systems
Fees are only charged once recovered amount
is verified and banked
Risk free services
There is a transfer of skills in the process