We provide a comprehensive range of technical, professional services for all aspects of the exploration, definition and assessment of groundwater. Familiar with the challenges of working in difficult environments and with diverse cultures, we carefully select a team of experts for each assignment that draws on wide international and local expertise. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to assign a full range of skills and specialist services.

Our specialist team does Geophysical research, Geohydrological monitoring and GIS-related services to ensure sustainable groundwater management, using mathematical, biological, chemical and physical sciences. Ultimately the service enables clients to use and manage the available groundwater resource optimally, efficiently and sustainably.


Desktop Investigations
Project Management
Groundwater Exploration Programmes
Borehole Drilling
Borehole Yield Testing
Borehole Cleaning & Maintenance
Geological Mapping & GIS
Groundwater Management & Monitoring
Geohydrological Investigations
Groundwater Modelling