As organisational structures and controls become more complex, coping with the prevention, detection and investigation of financial crime and corruption has never been more challenging or more important.

Increasingly, organisations are looking to forensic specialists to help identify vulnerabilities and to put solid preventative measures in place. Our forensic investigation, forensic auditing and forensic accounting experts provide forensic support to help prevent, detect and investigate various forms of financial improprieties. They bring clarity and confidence to the complex forensic landscape across all sectors of our economy.

In South Africa, the professional staff of the EMS Forensic Services team has extensive experience and a proven track record in working with clients from all sectors on issues of fraud, corruption, negligence, poor corporate governance and control environments.

Broadly speaking, the services that we offer are both proactive and reactive.

Not only can we work with you to put in place preventative controls and measures designed to make you less vulnerable to fraud; we can also guide you every step of the way through the complexities of forensic investigations, provide you with litigation support and dispute resolution services. We have extensive experience in the areas of disciplinary tribunals and in criminal and civil litigation flowing from forensic investigations.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we draw on accounting, auditing, investigative, IT, labour relations, legal and other expertise from both inside EMS and from relevant industry experts.

Every request from a client is unique, but based on our wide experience, we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made and cost-effective forensic solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors.


EMS Forensic Services offers a range of proactive and reactive forensic services which includes the following:

Business intelligence:
– Individual (e.g. pre-screening of employees)
– Business (e.g. profiling and vendor due diligence)

Forensic investigations into alleged fraud, corruption and theft, for the following purposes:
– Disciplinary proceedings
– Criminal and/or civil litigation

Pro-active Forensic Services:
– Fraud and corruption risk assessment
– Pro-active fraud audits and fraud detection reviews
– Anti-Corruption strategy and policy development, Fraud prevention
programs and response plans
– The development of Forensic Investigation and Forensic Auditing units,
methodologies, operational plans, forensic skills development and
capacity enhancement programs
– Data analytics

Re-active Forensic Services:
– Forensic Investigation and Forensic Auditing
– Investigations into all types of fraud, corruption and maladministration
– Procurement and Supply Chain Forensics
– Medical Scheme Forensics (Pro-active and Re-active)
– Data analytics

Fraud awareness training

General fraud and anti-corruption consulting

Organisational fraud and anti-corruption awareness surveys

Assessment, monitoring and review of fraud and anti-corruption
policies and programs

Dispute resolution

Litigation support including:
– Preparation of claims (insurance, breach of contract and business interruption claims)
– Asset tracing
– Presentation of expert testimony.

Commercial Crime Investigations

Money Laundering Investigations

Procurement Fraud Investigations

Lifestyle Audits/Net-worth Analysis Investigations

Special Assignments

Fraudulent Financial Misstatement/Reporting Investigations

ISA 240 Audit reviews to identify fraudulent financial misstatement